The Shop seen December 2011

The Shop seen December 2011
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cash Register, Scale and all that good stuff!

The cash register arrived (finally) on Wednesday. Mohini has been busy programing it and syncing it with the scale. Now we just place a bulk item on the scale, key in the four-number code and we instantly have the price on the bill! She has also been busy scanning each item in the shop and assigning a name and price, so by Tuesday we will be scanning everything - no more manual entry!

In other news, we slightly over-ordered from Tree of Life, so we have been saving our pennies so we can pay them on Monday, so they will ship our next order! The problem is, the promises us an extra 10% discount on our first order, but someone in the sales department forgot to apply it to most of the order, so we are waiting for them to rectify it.

It's Saturday night, Sara is outside waiting for me, so time to lock up!

Monday, February 15, 2010

So Far...So Good

Sorry to be so late to writing to you all. We've been so busy since before the opening. The opening was on February 1st. Of course, we only had about one-third of our inventory then (mainly pasta, candy, chips and milk) but we opened anyway! On the Friday the Tree of Life delivery came: all two tons of it! We had four pallets parked on the curb. Of course it rained. Not just a mild rain, either: a torrential downpour (meaning it came down in torrents)(define torrent). It was also cold...cold and rain. We got it all moved inside and spent the rest of the day booking it into inventory and pricing it. It took an entire week for Mohini and Keshava and me to get the bulk bins filled and labeled! Moh comes in three days a week and is a big help. That was done by last Friday. Now, in order to sell by weight, which is what bulk sales are, you bed a scale. Using JIT (Just In Time) ordering, I carefully ordered the scale, timing it to arrive Just In Time. Unfortunately the biggest snowstorm in the history of the mid-Atlantic states arrived Just In Time to screw up all the deliveries east of the Mississippi. This affected our printed checks and new cash register as well. The register arrives Wednesday. Until then we can weigh things, but we have to calculate them on a hand calculator (it is supposed to link with the missing Samsung 630 Electronic Cash Register and hand scanner. It takes a little longer, but I think our customers enjoy laughing at our pathetic attempts at running a retail operation. To top it off, we got a cheap packet of reject pens, so we have trouble writing things down. But that doesn't matter much, because our cheap Chinese calculator doesn't calculate. Better yet, our credit card merchant processing company, Global Direct, had us on a 100% hold (that means they don't give us our money) because even though we were approved, the credit people at the risk department couldn't get to work because of the snow, so the 100% hold wasn't lifted until Wednesday, but they still have given us 9/10ths of the money they owe us! Some would call it luck, some karma: I call it Just In Time. Yesterday I went to take a walk on Paynes Prairie and see the Gators. There were hundreds of them basking on the banks. I felt like throwing myself in. But afraid to take the easy way out, I'm back at work today.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grand Opening

We opened the shop on Monday. People have been wandering in and out ever since. They ask, "Are you having a grand opening?" I reply, "This is about as grand as it gets." We've received about one third of our inventory, don't have a scale or a till, and don't have a credit card machine. But, I assure you all, faithful readers and blog fans, all will manifest over the next seven days. In a stroke of sheer genius, I moved the chips (taco, tortilla and soya) directly across from the cash desk where I sit. So I spend my days staring at the colorful display and also, when no one is looking, drooling. I find myself eating my inventory at an alarming rate. My beloved daughter Mohini (she calls herself Moh) has agreed to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You see, Mohini is in high school dual enrollment at Santa Fe College, and she has very intelligently arranged her schedule so that she attends school for only two days a week, leaving her free to work for no wages in the family shop. So from now on, I will work part-time. Oh, going back to our product, we get a big delivery on Friday and so we'll have our bulk bins filled by next week, Yahoo! Also, today a gentleman from a newspaper called the Observer came and took my photograph...he is doubtless planning a special "Jerry" edition, which will please my multitude of fans no end.