The Shop seen December 2011

The Shop seen December 2011
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week Eight

We've now been open for eight weeks - but it seems longer. Mohini works half days Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while I do all the other times. I really only work about 40 hours a week (in the shop at least) but again, it seems longer! The freezer section is our most successful department, followed by bulk food bins and grocery. Drinks are always popular. We have difficulty keeping some popular items in stock. Dairy does well, as does fresh bread. We lost money on bread for a long time, but now it is selling out every time it comes in (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). We've learned it's better to buy less bread and run out than order too much and have it left over...I guess that's a no brainer, huh? We have herbal supplements coming next week. Our revenue is up to about $2000 each week. That doesn't sound like much, but when you consider our first two weeks in February were $400 each, this is a big improvement - like a 500% increase. Our range of Frontier bulk packaged spices is very popular. Because rapid growth is very difficult to fund, we can only buy so much inventory every week, and add new lines not as quickly as we would like. We've added an additional 20 scoop bins, bringing the total to over 120. I can't believe people buy salt and yeast in bulk, but they do. We start advertising next week in the local newspaper. Previously our advertising has consisted of a sign we stuck in the ground around town. It's now gone missing and we suspect the Baptist Church stole it!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Open For Business!

Greetings fans! We have been up and running since opening on February 1st. We have our electronic cash register, credit and debit equipment, scale; and we even accept food stamps (called SNAP). Moh and I alternate working in the shop, Kesh comes in on Saturday's as bag boy (well, a pretty useless bag boy actually), and Celine does the ordering and restocking. More and more customers come every week. The bulk foods section is hugely popular, as is the Buddhist vegan fake meat products, vegan pet food, chilled items and fresh bread. We have weekly sales. Actually, we are overwhelmed by the response. Every week we restock and also add more product lines. We have to do this in a step-by-step manner, because growth is very difficult to fund on a tight budget!