The Shop seen December 2011

The Shop seen December 2011
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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here we are again, blog fans! I feel your joy. April has been quieter than March, about 15% less business. That's probably our fault, because we've ran out of some popular items, and it's taken us a while to re-stock (we're still learning grocery store management 101). If we didn't have what you were looking for, please bare with us - we have tried to fill each and every request. Come in and check if we have it. Celine works very hard to honer each and every request - we listen to what you say (at least she does). We're also bringing in new lines, like Herbs of Light and Rainbow Light, and more supplements and personal care items. Also, some mentioned the shop was hot. That's because we share with the lighting company, and they were insisting on keeping the A/C off to save money, but now we have the A/C on all the time. Daughter Moh, who many of you have met when she is working the register, has been busy taking her finals and getting admitted to college (Mount Holyoke College in Mass - believe it or not, she wants to be a rain surgeon) so I've been here all by my lonesome each and every day, which is right and just, since I'm too cheap to hire any staff. Anyway, we're going to putting more effort into stocking quick meals and snack foods. Celine says she designed the shop for cooks, but not everyone likes to cook (yours truly included). So, look out for more frozen organic pizzas and stuff like that. Oh yeah, we've also acquired two round tables and four chairs which now happily live outside the shop, so customers can sit and enjoy a snack while they admire Main Street. We'll be putting is a snack bar with cakes, sandwiches, samosas, drinks, etc., sometime in May (that's suitably vague, isn't it?) so watch for that. I'm starting to give more news on the blog, so it will be more of a resource for you all. Check out the different informational blurbs on the side panel!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week Ten? Or is it 11? How About 12?

Lot's of activity again! It's been slower than usual for the last 10 days...must be the's getting hotter, and we're running the A/C full time now. Been thinking about putting some tables and chairs outside, and a microwave inside, so people can buy a snack and a drink and sit outside to enjoy it. No decision yet. Our tenants the lighting company are moving out by May 7th, so we've put that shop up for rent. We'd always thought that eventually when we had grown organically we could sort of naturally expand into that shop, but over a period of years. We don't have enough traffic yet to justify further expansion. A little cafe and juice bar would be nice, but Radhika's Cafe just opened up down the street, and we don't want to compete with them. So for now, that space is for rent and we're looking for a tenant! It's a very nice shop and we're sure someone will take it eventually! In the meantime, we've added the Herbs of Light supplements range, and increased our bulk bins section up to 120 bins. Fresh bread is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Milk and cheese come Wednesday. Just had a big Vegestar veggie wings delivery, and a big Frontier spices shipment. Our main supplier, Tree of Life, delivers every Friday.