The Shop seen December 2011

The Shop seen December 2011
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Update

Greetings, blog fans and affectionados! July was an absolutely horrible month for sales. The summer blahs affected everyone, but that is small consolation. Now that August is here and the kids are back to school, some normalcy is returning to our retail lives. Still with the temperature in the 90's for 45 straight days (with no end in sight) things are still a bit sluggish, but less so. We've been running down our inventory over the slow summer, but now we are cranking it up again. Here's what we have now, or will have in the next few days:

We had a a shipment of Vegefarm vegan and vegetarian "meats" in two weeks ago, and another arrives on Friday, August 20th. This is a major product line for us.

We have good selection oy yogurt, large and small, including Greek yogurts.

New we carry Cabot Vermont Cheddar.

Bulk V-Dog arrives Friday, Aug 20th. Still waiting for cat food.

Boca vegan burgers are in.

kashi cereals are in.

Frontier spices in next week.

We are going to stark stocking our own organic bread, rolls, cupcakes and cookies.

Work on our snack bar starts in September.

Now stocking the PURE BLISS bars and granola (including their famous chocolate granola).

We're well stocked in rices, beans, sugar, flour and most nuts. We've been letting the bulk coffee run down, because frankly, we haven't been selling much coffee. Alachua doesn't seem to be a coffee sura ani't no Seattle.

If you haven't been in for a while, drop by!