The Shop seen December 2011

The Shop seen December 2011
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coping with growth

As you all must have noticed, we're growing. Some months are 300% up on the same month in 2010. This September will be our biggest month ever (a distinction formally held by March 2011). At the very least, 2011 will be double our 2010 sales. We project 2012 will double again. What this means to us managing the shop is we have to put in place the internal systems to handle the increased customer traffic and the higher order volumes. We're getting so much business we're scrambling to keep up. As my old Jewish grandmother used to say, "Irving, you should have such a problem!" She was a little near-sighted and never actually realized I wasn't Irving, and that I wasn't even Jewish. Anyway, after installing the new freezer/fridge, we'll have to paint the ceiling and put in more lighting. Then we'll remove and sell the existing True fridge and freezer. That room will then be turned into a stockroom and office (right now the office is behind the counter). After that we'll have to computerize the inventory and add a second cash register. Our family thanks all our loyal customers who have been rooting for us these past 18 months!

Fridge / Freezer Update

You've all probably noticed the 16-door 40 foot freezer/fridge against the South wall. We're presently taking quotations for the installation. We hope it will be working in October. At that time, we'll increase our chilled and frozen lines significantly. We also have two chilled veg/fruit tables. We're using one now for the fruit and veg. They will both ultimately be running at 55 degrees to keep the produce crisp and fresh. We're also going to be switching to a permanant price lable system, instead of labeling each individual item.

Week of Sep 19

Sami's Bakery items will be in on Tuesday and Thursday.
Maple Syrup Monday.
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Monday.
Organic butter sometime this week.
We're promised Vegefarm fake chicken items late Wednesday.
Ice cream and soy ice cream Friday.
Main delivery day is Friday.