The Shop seen December 2011

The Shop seen December 2011
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Self-Serve Cafe is, well, not serving!

Because of lack of space, we've had to remove the comfortable lounge chairs and the library.  Next we're going to reduce the number of tables to two (from three).  As we continue to add more stock lines, our space is gradually becoming more restricted.  We're also contemplating phasing out fresh coffee sales.  One door closes, another opens.

Christmas Notes

(This following bit could be re-used for this coming 2013 Christmas.) It's Christmas time...yet again.  I've sent exactly one Christmas card.  I didn't exactly buy the card...I grabbed one from our New Age card had some weird angles on it and said "thanks."  That's close enough for me!  Everyone is scurrying around spending money they don't have, or even worse, spending money they have!  Well, as long as all that money is flying about, don't forget to throw some our way!  We've still got four of those giant tofu turkeys!  Nutritional yeast is back in stock, as is a full range of bulk granola.  Don't forget gluten free pasta, cookies, olive oil, fresh spices, Indian items, ghee, paratas, veggie drumsticks, chapattis, vegan dog and cat food, fresh organic produce, vitamins, supplements, chocolate, organic coffee and tea, coconut butter, organic cow butter, healthy soft drinks, fresh organic milk and last but not least, kombucha!